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Circles, Clubs and other groups on Kashiwa Campus


Introduction of the circles and clubs on Kashiwa campus (updated occasionally).
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活動内容Club Activities

Atmosphere and Ocean
Research Institute
Soccer Club

菅純一郎 Junichiro Kan


We practice 5 days a week at the tennis court south of AORI or at Kashiwa 2 Campus. Our main activities are playing game-style futsal or soccer, and once every two months we play games against other teams. Our club name is “Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute” soccer club, but of course the students who belong to other departments can join us. We look forward to having you join us.

GSFS Volleyball Circle

山村泰平 YAMAMURA Taihei

新領域バレーボールサークルは、キャンパス近くの柏の葉コミュニティ体育館で週1回程度(主に金曜日)、19時~21時に活動しています。半分ほどが初心者のメンバーですが、経験者から指導を受けて、毎回の練習で技術を磨きつつ、みんなで楽しくバレーボールをやっています。夏には合宿、秋には研究科長杯をかけた大会などがあり、イベントも充実しています。留学生や他の専攻の方との人脈も広がりますよ!研究の合間に一緒に体を動かしませんか?経験者、初心者問わず大歓迎です。興味をもった方はいつでもお気軽にご連絡ください!The GSFS volleyball circle practices once a week (mainly Fridays) at the Community Gym in Kashiwanoha park from 19:00-21:00. There are many beginners, but we enjoy playing volleyball and improving greatly under the kind guidance of our experienced players. There are some events like the competition that is called the “Deans cup” in autumn and also BBQs. You can build your network of international students or even students from other departments♪ Why don’t we move our bodies together while doing research? Please contact us freely anytime if you have interest!

Hakumon Tennis Club

小嶋あさひ Asahi Kojima

柏門庭球部では毎週土曜に環境棟前テニスコートで練習を行っています。初級から中級レベルの方々が集り、談笑を交えながら2時間ほど練習をしています。メンバーもみんな優しいよ!。気になったらひょこっとコートに顔を出していただいて構いません、ぜひ気軽にお越しください(* ‘ω’ *)。

We are the only tennis circle that anyone from Kashiwa Campus can join. Those who want to play with experienced members or start playing tennis as a new hobby without any status or experience are most welcome. You can join the practice freely at your own pace, so why don’t you come to the court at least once? We practice every Saturday basically from 10:00-12:00 at the tennis court in front of the Environmental studies building.

The practice schedule and more is here↓


Kashiwa Campus
Competitive Karuta Circle

向笠清隆 Kiyotaka Mukasa


競技かるたとは、小倉百人一首を用いた。競技性を高めたかるたです。「畳の上の格闘技」と呼ばれ、激しい札の取り合いが行われます。近年では、「ちはやふる」やコナンの映画の影響により、益々人気となっています。この機会に是非、競技かるたをやってみませんか?百人一首を覚えていなくても、覚え方のコツから説明するので問題ありません。現在、毎週月曜日18時~20時半に練習を行っています。興味のある方はお気軽にご連絡ください。Competitive Karuta is Karuta which improves competitiveness through using Ogura Hyakunin Isshu. It’s called a “combative sport on tatami”, and players fight hard to pick up cards. Recently, it has become more and more famous due to “Chihayafuru” and a Detective Conan movie. Why don’t you take the opportunity to play competitive Karuta? If you don’t remember Hyakunin Isshu, don’t worry because we will explain the tips of how to remember. Currently, we practice from 18:00-20:30 every Monday. Please feel free to contact us if you have some interest. 

Hakumon Kendo Club



柏門剣道部は東京大学柏キャンパスで活動する剣道サークルです。部員は約10名で様々な専攻の学生や教員が参加しています。練習は毎週水曜日の19時からキャンパス前の十余二小学校で1時間ほど行っています。また年2回の柏市民大会にも出場しています。剣道経験者はもちろん、初心者の方も大歓迎です。たくさんの方の参加・見学をお待ちしています!We are a kendo circle which practices at the University of Tokyo Kashiwa Campus. There are about 10 members, students, and teachers belonging to various departments who participate. Each practice is held at 19:00 (for around 1 hour) on every Wednesday at the Toyofuta elementary school in front of campus. Members can enjoy practicing Kendo while also doing their studies. Also, we participate in the Kashiwa citizen competition twice a year. Both experienced players and beginners are very welcome. We look forward to having you join us!

Peer Support Room

高野 明 准教授 Akira Takano
(Associate Professor)


Peer support room is a department formed by the student consultation network center, which aims to promote mutual support between students. In order to support student life, students who are certified and have undergone training can do various support activities such as events to facilitate exchanges between students, publication of mail magazines, or campaigns for enlightenment (paid rewards will be granted for your activities). We humbly started our activities at Kashiwa campus from 2016. We look forward to having you join us! 

Kashiwanoha Science
Education Lab

羽村太雅 Taiga Hanemura


こんにちは! 私たちは柏を中心に、科学イベントで地域交流の活性化を目指す科学コミュニケーション団体です。東大を始めとした大学院生が中心となって2010年から活動しており、過去には新領域創成科学研究科長賞の地域貢献部門も受賞しました。サイエンスカフェの講師や運営、子どもと学ぶ理科の修学旅行のスタッフ、さらには柏駅前にDIYで作った手作り科学館の解説員などなど、科学を通じて一緒に活動しませんか?Hello! Centered at Kashiwa campus, we are a scientific communication group who aims to initiate community exchanges through scientific events. We have been active with the University of Tokyo graduate students since 2010, and in the past we even won the GSFS Dean’s “Chiiki kōken bumon” award. Why don’t we do activities together through science such as teaching/managing a science café, being the staff at a science excursion for children, or introducing a DIY handmade science museum in front of Kashiwa station?

折り紙サークル カシヲリ
Origami Circle Kashiwori

長山海澄 Kasumi Nagayama


折り紙は子供の遊びと思われがちですが、現在では数学と密接に結びついた設計理論が発展し、複雑な形状の作品を自ら「創作」することができる芸術の域に達しています。また、折り紙の「簡単に折り畳み・展開できる」という特性は、宇宙開発やロボット工学、建築、医療など様々な分野で研究対象として注目されています。カシヲリでは、伝統的な折り紙を楽しみたい人から研究のために学びたい人まで、折り紙に興味のある方を募集しています!Origami is often thought of as child’s play, but recently the design theory which closely connects it to mathematics has developed, and has reached a level of art where you can “create” complicated shapes by oneself. Also, the characteristic of origami where “we can fold and unfold easily” has gained attention as a research subject in various fields like space development, robotic engineering, architecture and medicine. We welcome people who have interest in or want to enjoy traditional origami, as well as those who want to learn for research!

ISSP Baseball Club

飯田雅樹 Masaki Iida

We practice three times a month (mainly on Saturdays) at the municipal ground around Kashiwa Campus. We mainly do practices and practice games, and we participate in the Kashiwa citizen competitions in Spring and Autumn. Our club name is ISSP Baseball Club, but those who belong to other departments or beginners are welcome too. Anyone who likes baseball or wants to enjoy baseball is welcome. We look forward to having you join us (just visiting is also ok).

Souiki-kai Student


創域会学生部は研究科公認のもと、柏キャンパスにおいて様々なイベントの企画・運営を行っています。年間を通じて開催するHappy Hourでは、「憩い」にてお酒やソフトドリンクを手にいろいろな専攻の人と交流ができます。BBQ、運動会、餅つき大会はキャンパス全体で盛り上がれる楽しいイベントですが、あなたが主体となって新しいイベントをどんどん企画することもできます。研究との両立も可能。ぜひチャレンジしてみませんか。The Souiki-kai Student Department plans and manages various events at Kashiwa campus under the approval of the graduate school. We hold “Happy Hour” throughout the year, where you can interact with people from various departments while enjoying rest and alcoholic drinks or soft drinks. Some other campus-wide events that we hold are BBQ, Undokai and mochi pounding competitions. You can also start planning new events too, even initiatives  compatible with your research. Why don’t you challenge yourself? 

China Observers in Sustainability

洪鴻儒 Hongru HONG


This association aims to provide a platform for people who are interested in sustainability issues related to China to communicate and cooperate with each other. We hope to construct a platform where people could share their research projects and interests, sharpen and help each other, and promote research and practice related to China’s sustainability field. The platform would also provide opportunities to connect the university community with external parties by activities such as visits to companies, initiation of expert meetings, community events and others. The activities are expected to be monthly. Detailed theme, place and time would be notified via e-mail. 

Kashiwa Bible
Discussion Group

洪鴻儒 Hongru HONG




The Kashiwa Bible Discussion Group is a group of U-Tokyo students and researchers based in Kashiwa campus, both Japanese and international. We gather to explore openly the richness of the Biblical text and its contemporary relevance to society and our lives, support each other with its wisdom, and contribute to the welfare of the campus.
We host regular Bible discussions, and other activities. Both Christians and non-Christians are welcome to join us.

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